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The KADH is open to any individual, group, or institution that expresses interest in areas such as digital humanities research and education, multidisciplinary connections via digital methods, and/or the communication between academia and cultural content industry.


  • Voting rights at the KADH General Assembly
  • Financial incentives
    • Discounts on our 4-day workshops
    • Waived registration fees for our 2-day conferences
  • Have your research shared on our website for others to easily find
  • Potential to become a committee member or member of the Board of Directors



Members shall, agreeing with the objectives of the Association, pay the membership dues and submit a membership application form, and their acceptance into the association will be approved by the Board of Directors.


Members must obey the KADH Constitution and other regulations, actively participate in the Association’s academic activities and enterprises, and pay the fixed membership fee.


Members are guaranteed the right to participate in all events and enterprises of the Association and suggest their opinions regarding the operation and policies of the Association.


A member of the Association may be expelled on the determination of the Board of Directors if he/she damages the reputation of the Association or acts to undermine the Association’s objectives.


Type Fee Details
Institution 100,000 KRW Private sector business, research institution, affiliate association, departments at universities or other educational institutions; Students or employees receive discounts on workshops and conferences.
Individual 20,000 KRW Any individual
Student 10,000 KRW Any individual currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program

Application Method

Please fill in the application form linked here: KADH Membership Application

Submit the appropriate membership fee (see above) to the following bank account: TBU

We will confirm your acceptance within 2 weeks of your submission of the application.

You must renew your membership annually. We will contact you when you need to renew your membership fee.

For questions, please contact